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Summer 2015 Bologna: 10 things to do

da in Hotel Bologna


What to do in Bologna for summer? The answer is: everything. Anything that satisfies our senses: look, listen, enjoy. Discover new things, experience emotions, the pleasure of being among friends. Summer under the Two Towers offers many experiences to get involved: a visit to a monument, concerts, a dinner in the pub, a night in one of the many outdoor summer club. We have selected 10 experiences that will allow you to enter in the soul of the Bologna summer. Here they are.



b2ap3_thumbnail_cinema-Piazza-Maggiore-Bologna.jpgOpen air cinema in Piazza Maggiore

The cinema in Piazza Maggiore is one of the must of the bolognese summer. From June, 27 to July,4 with the XXIX edition of the festival “Il Cinema Ritrovato”. The Cineteca of Bologna is committed to a multi-year project to restore the work of Buster Keaton film. The first results of the Project Keaton will be premiered during the festival and in the evening screenings in Piazza Maggiore with the music accompaniment by Timothy Brock performed by the Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale of Bologna. The cinema in the main square will then continue until August 15 with the billboard “Under the stars of cinema”: every evening the screening of a successful film.


b2ap3_thumbnail_Villa-Lipparini.jpgGo with your children to ZOO

In the park and the rooms of Villa Lipparini,, from May 27 to September 12,  there is ZOO, one environment where coexist a pastry shop, a bookshop dedicated to picture books, a space workshop and a gallery of artwork. Children and adults are involved in an initiative aimed at promoting the culture of visual and food. A ZOO you can also take advantage of an offer of refreshment organic and homemade, from breakfast to dinner. The calendar ranging from exhibitions to workshops with illustrators, from musical performances to theater. Among the events and containers: Picnic Show, cocktails and dinner with DJ sets and acoustic concerts; Pirilampo Borboletta 4 and publishers Portuguese in the exhibition, and the exhibition of Stina Wirsen, accompanied by a workshop for adults and one for children with the Swedish illustrator.



Street Food and wine self service at “Mercato delle Erbe”

The “Mercato delle Erbe” is the place where historically the “bolognese” goes to the grocery food to find from meats to vegetables, from cheese to fruit, and much more. New premises and new flavors are announced for summer 2015. Four market operators by the end of May will entertain the square pool that overlooks  in Via San Gervasio. Vino e Sapori coffee shop will renew the current wine/dairy; from Tramezzino.it experience is being born the new format devoted to street food; “MozzaBella”and “Polpette e Crescentine” will bring to market their express food kitchen and will propose also fresh pasta. Finally a good news: Enoteca San Gervasio, the wine offered will be not only of quality and affordable but you will pay at the end of the evening, on "trust", after having consumed self-service.


b2ap3_thumbnail_torri-di-bologna.jpgClimb the Asinelli tower

The Towers of Asinelli and Garisenda are symbols that distinguish the skyline of Bologna. They stand at the strategic point of entry into the city of the ancient “Via Emilia”. With stonework as few other buildings, important military functions (signaling and defense) as well as representing with their imposing heights the social prestige of the family. At the end of the 12th century, there were in the city a hundred of which only twenty have survived fires, wars and lightning, and still visible today. On Asinelli tower, 97.20 meters high, you can also go up: you just deal with good pace the 498 steps to the highest point and from there enjoy the breathtaking view of the rooftops of Bologna. On the collonade are now relocated a few craft shops in memory of the sales function performed by the medieval 'middle market'.


b2ap3_thumbnail_Piazza-Santo-Stefano.jpgVisit Santo Stefano ( the seven churches)

It is the most unique architectural complex of Bologna, true sanctuary city and cradle of the faith of the fathers. The origins of the complex are particularly controversial; the only common point is the construction of various version to the initiative of the city's patron saint, San Petronio.
On the beautiful square facing the prospects of the churches of the Crucifix (right), Calvary (center) and SS. Vitale and Agricola (left). The first is named after the crucifix hanging in the middle due to Simone of crucifixes and precious works of art; the second round, is dominated by the reproduction of the Tomb of Christ (XII-XIV) in which in the past was the urn containing the relics of San Petronio, currently preserved in the Basilica of the same name; the third, highly attractive because of its bare basilic structure, hosts the ancient graves of Saints Vitale and Agricola.
Worthy of attention also the courtyard of Pilate with a marble basin donated by Liutprando and The Prando, king of the Lombards - who had in Santo Stefano their main religious center - and the Trinity Church, restored between sec. XII and XIII, where you can admire a precious crib in painted and gilded wood by Simone of Crucifixes (sec. XIV). A very impressive Benedictine cloister dual loggia (sec. X-XIII), one of the most superb Romanesque creations in Emilia. Finally to visit the museum which houses paintings, sculptures and other works of art from various periods.

b2ap3_thumbnail_osteria-bologna-.jpgDinner in a typical "Osteria"

Bologna is also enjoying the table, not surprisingly, the city has earned the name of "la grassa" for its food and its culinary specialties, among which the most famous are the tortellini and mortadella. During your stay in Bologna you cannot miss to dine in one of the many taverns that are authentic temples of good food and good drink. You can go to " Vito", famous for being the tavern by Gucci (but also of other artists) or by Moretto, where also the actors Benigni and the singer Lucio Dalla dined, or if you prefer to go to breathe a bit of “'bohemian”air go to Montesino restaurant, in via del Pratello, the capital of Bologna nightlife. Get yourself a guide and choose the one most suited to your taste, but you cannot leave Bologna without being seated at a table in a tavern.


b2ap3_thumbnail_vasco-rossi-bologna.pngThe great summer concerts

In all periods of the year Bologna is the capital of music: there is no month in which missing concerts with the big stars of the Italian and international music. For summer 2015,  Bologna drops three italian axes in the monumental scenario of Dall'Ara Stadium. On 22 and 23 June will arrive  Vasco Rossi with Live Kom 015 tour, that the Zocca rocker has called "the most powerful and exciting rock show in the world!"
On July,  it will be the turn of Tiziano Ferro with its “Stadium Tour” (from the name of his latest piece, which premiered in the final of The Voice of Italy). And finally on July 7, we’ll arrive at the Dall'Ara stadium the tour “Lorenzo in the stadium 2015, of Lorenzo Cherubini, or Jovanotti. For his tour Lorenzo has created an original and spectacular stage, with a particular screen, almost lightning that extends into the audience.


Exhibitions: Escher and Felsina Painter

During the summer you can still visit two important exhibitions that have marked the Bolognese cultural scene in recent months. It was in fact extended until 30 August to review the Palazzo Fava From Cimabue to Morandi - Felsina Painter . Created by Vittorio Sgarbi, the exhibition features some 200 works that document the most significant city of Bologna has accomplished over more than seven centuries in the arts.
At Albergati Palace, one of the most important and impressive historical buildings in Bologna, however, is open until 19 July, the largest retrospective exhibition dedicated to Maurits Cornelis Escher, Dutch artist, engraver and graphic appreciated for his visionary spirit. 150 works, ample testimony of his wonderful fantasy world that - it was said - transforms the visual ambiguity in ambiguity of meaning.


b2ap3_thumbnail_bolognetti_rocks.jpgMusic in the summer clubs

An evening outdoors, eating, drinking and listening to good music? Bologna in the summer offers many opportunities. From May 29 to June 16, you can go to Cavaticcio Park.
Bologna cult summer place, the BioPark offers a program rich and full of happenings and concerts open to the public, as well as a space with food and afternoon activities for children and teenagers.
Bolognetti Rocks 2015 brings in the portico of vicolo Bolognetti, the best of Italian and international indie scene and great food. From June 4 to August 1, the court of the District San Vitale is radically transformed and become one of the most hospitable areas of the city: an outdoor club to meet, have fun and enjoy wonderful concerts and DJ sets. A place for the whole family, even for children through KIDS STAGE exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Antoniano theatre.
From June 19 to July 18, returns the BOtanique, the summer festival organized by Estragon Club. The Gardens of Via Filippo Re becomes the rock environment of Bologna, a favorite of all fans of live music. Besides music, also restaurant and bar to spend the entire evening in the cool.

b2ap3_thumbnail_trenino-sanluca.jpgTo San Luca hills by train

If the weather is humid, you can go to breathe a breath of fresh air on the hill of San Luca, which dominates the city. There you can visit the imposing shrine where is venerated the image of Our Madonna,  very dear to the faith of Bologna. To climb to the sanctuary can take the San Luca Express, a tourist train that connects the historic center with the sanctuary from Thursday to Sunday and public holidays. The train, with audio guide service in various languages, follows a route which takes visitors to the city an area of great interest. The service is integrated with that of the City Red Bus. It 'expected a ticket at reduced rates for the two lines.




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